The Process

Everyone's definition of vacation is different.
We take a collaborative approach by using Brownell Travel’s "Discover More" process.
It's our job to listen to your preferences & curate an adventure that's custom tailored to YOU!


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Blaire at BPK Travel truly enjoys listening to her clients' dream vacation and preferred travel style. This step is where Blaire gets to know her clients which allows her to best assist them through this process. Blaire will set up a phone call to better learn about any special needs or requests, your budget range and any other considerations. Your dream trip takes collaboration, which makes this a crucial step!

At this time, BPK Travel will charge a nominal fee to begin the planning process:

  • $50 for hotel booking

  • $100 for hotel research

  • $250 for full trip planning, up to 7 days & up to 4 people

*other fees will apply should you choose BPK Travel and the Brownell Air Desk to book your airfare with cash or with airline miles

*fees are subject to change as the discretion of BPK Travel


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This is when Blaire at BPK Travel gets to work! Blaire will be able to apply your wish list items and create a meaningful itinerary for your getaway by using her many travel contacts. Blaire will recommend hotels, tours and activities, and together you and Blaire will determine the best combination for what you are looking for. BPK Travel can be as involved as you'd like in order to create a unique and memorable itinerary.

One thing that sets BPK Travel apart is the fact that you will always receive real, honest opinions on the types of hotels, excursions or experiences that you will like best. Blaire at BPK Travel does not receive kick-backs nor will you incur a higher hotel rate by working with BPK Travel. What you will receive are suggestions on activities and accommodations that will make sure your trip is perfect for YOU.

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Once the destination has been selected and the itinerary is close to being finalized, BPK Travel will work on bookings and securing reservations. Blaire will finalize special requests, upgrades and amenities that may be offered depending on your destination.

Types of amenities you can expect to receive at our partner hotels, as shown below:

  • $100 resort or spa credit

  • Free daily breakfast

  • Upgraded room, subject to availability

  • Early check in/late check out, subject to availability



Now it's your time to enjoy!

Blaire at BPK Travel will ensure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes and is always available if you have any questions upon arrival (or if you want to send her your latest vacay selfie!). When possible, BPK Travel will put you in touch with a local contact who can assist you with any itinerary changes, emergencies, etc.

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We CAN'T WAIT to hear about all the fun you had! Once you return, Blaire will follow up to hear about your adventure (and so that she can live vicariously through you!). Any feedback you have is welcomed. & should you thoroughly enjoy your trip, a recommendation to family, friends or co-workers is very appreciated!

BPK’s Affiliations

BPK Travel's affiliations, as shown below, are some of the best in the world.
Our affiliates offer exclusive amenities and VIP treatment to our clients as well as provide unique additional amenities that our clients wouldn't otherwise receive.
Together with our affiliations, BPK Travel works to guarantee an exceptional trip for our clients.